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Official name : Leucas capensis (Benth.) Engl.
Family : Lamiaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference VD 17
Author(s) : Dold, A.P. & M.L. Cocks
Title : Traditional veterinary medicine in the Alice district of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. South African Journal of Science 97 , 375–379. (2001)
Symptoms : V(008), V(117)
Recipes : Vo(008) leaves of Brachylaena ilicifolia are mixed with the leaves of Leucas capensis and sap of Aloe ferox, boiled, strained and given (200 ml every morning) to lambs with diarrhoea
Vb(117) leaves of Leucas capensis are mixed with Brachylaena ilicifolia leaves and Aloe ferox sap, boiled, strained and given (200 ml) to stock to treat gallsickness
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Alice district)
Vernacular name : uphiphiyo