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Official name : Rauvolfia caffra Sond.
Family : Apocynaceae
Synonyms : Rauvolfia macrophylla Stapf

17 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 22
Author(s) : Arnold, H.-J. & M. Gulumian
Title : Pharmacopoeia of traditional medicine in Venda. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 12, pp. 35 -74, (1984)
Symptoms : H(001), H(099)
Recipes : H(001) eyes sickness, barks of Peltophorum africanum of Rauvolfia caffra, steam bark under a blanket
H(099) épilepsy, to bath and to inhale smoke
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Venda country)
Vernacular name : munadzi (Luvenda)
Reference HB 41
Author(s) : Bandeira, S. O. , F. Gaspar; F. P. Pagula
Title : Ethnobotany and Healthcare in Mozambique. Pharmaceutical Biology, Volume 39, Issue 1 Supplement 1, 70 – 73, (2001)
Symptoms : H(037), H(037), H(051), H(082)
Recipes : H(037) cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, H(051) fever, paludism, H(082) asthma, respiratory disease, ONS of Rauvolfia caffra, RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Mozambique
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HC 13a
Author(s) : Chabra, S.C., R.L.A. Mahunnah & E.N. Mshiu
Title : Plants used in traditional medicine in Eastern Tanzania.I. Pteridophytes and Angiosperms (Acanthaceae to Canellaceae). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 21, pp. 253 - 277, (1987)
Symptoms : H(006), H(104), H(116)
Recipes : H(006), constip, roots, decoction, VO.
H(104), abdominal pain, roots, decoction, VO.
H(116), irregular menses, roots, decoction, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (East)
Vernacular name : msese we (Chagga)
Reference HC 16
Author(s) : Chinemana, F., R.B. Drummond, S. Mavi & I. De Zoysa
Title : Indigenous plant remedies in Zimbabwe. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 14, pp.159 - 172, (1985)
Symptoms : H(053)
Recipes : H(053), seeds, juice squeezed into ears
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HG 01
Author(s) : Gelfand, M., S. Mavi, R.B. Drummond & B. Ndemera
Title : The traditional medicinal practitioner in Zimbabwe. Mambo Press, Gweru (Zimbabwe), 411 p., (1985) (From reference HC 26, HL 22)
Symptoms : H(005)
Recipes : H(031) muscular cramps, roots infusion roots, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HH 16
Author(s) : Haerdi, F.
Title : Afrikanische Heilpflanzen. Die Eingeborenen-Heilpflanzen des Ulanga- Distriktes Tanganjikas (Ostafrika). Acta tropica, Suppl. 8, 1-278 (1964) Published : 1964, Verlag für Recht und Gesellschaft (Basel)
Symptoms :
Recipes : H(013) + H(087) purulent abscesses, roots extract or dried barks, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania
Vernacular name : kimandoya (Kihehe)
Reference HK 13
Author(s) : Kokwaro, J.O.
Title : Medicinal plants of East Africa. East african literature bureau, Kampala, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, 368 p., (1976)
Symptoms : H(005), H(037), H(113)
Recipes : H(005), bark, decoc, VO.
H(037) pneumonia,bark, decoc, VO.
H(113), bark, decoc, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda, Kenya
Vernacular name : mutondwet (Sebei, Ouganda), mutu (Meru, Kenya)
Reference HM 17
Author(s) : Muanza, D.N., N.L. Dangala & O. Mpay
Title : Zairean medicinal plants as diarrhea remedies and their antibacterial activities. African study monographs, 14, 1, 53 - 63, (1993)
Symptoms : H(008)
Recipes : H(008) diar., leaves, roots barks, general receipts : maceration H2O or decoction (H2O) , or extraction with palm wine, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (ex. Zaïre) (Kinshasa)
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HM 2k
Author(s) : Mbuya, L.P. , H.P. Msanga, C.K. Ruffo, A. Birnie & B. Tengnäs
Title : The useful trees and shrubs for Tanzania.Identification, propagation and management for agricultural and pastoral communities.Regional soil Conservation Unit .Swedish International Development Authority. Technical handbook n° 6, 540 p., (1994)The Manager national tree seed project.Morogoro, Tanzania, P.O. Box 4012
Symptoms : H(151)
Recipes : H(151), bark and roots treatment of hypertension.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HM 58
Author(s) : Mabogo, D.E.N.
Title : The ethnobotany of the Vhavenda. MSc Thesis, University of Pretoria. (1990) appendix from the Thesis
Symptoms : H(004), H(104)
Recipes : H(004) wound, H(104) abdominal and pelvic troubles, bark of Rauvolfia caffra of Parinari curatellifolia, RNS
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Venda country)
Vernacular name : munadzi (Venda)
Reference HN 12
Author(s) : Ndubani, P. & B. Höjer
Title : Traditional healers and the treatment of sexually transmitted illnesses in rural Zambia. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 67, pp. 15 - 25, (1999)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100), "songeya", roots, RNS.
"songeya", illness sexualy pransmited said the healers, sores on the genital parts, sometimes body rash
Region : East Africa
Country : Zambia (Chiawa chieftaincy)
Vernacular name : mukashu
Reference HV 07
Author(s) : Verger, P.F.
Title : Ewé: The use of plants in Yoruba society. Editoria Schwarcz, Sao Paulo, 744p., (1995)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100) leucorrhea, leaves Rauvolfia caffra , roots Desplatsia dewevrei, Smilax kraussiana + strong potash, pound together, VO. whith hot white corn meal every day
Region : West Africa
Country : Benin
Vernacular name : alagba
Reference HV 54
Author(s) : Van der Veen, L.J., S. Bodinga-bwa-Bodinga
Title : Une société traditionnelle noire africaine et ses plantes utiles : les Eviya du Gabon Document submitted for publication der Veen/Van der Veen_à paraître_a.pdf
Symptoms : H(006), H(068), H(100)
Recipes : H(006) purgative, barks of Rauvolfia macrophylla, RNS.
H(068) intestinal worms, syphilis, roots, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Gabon (Eviya habitat)
Vernacular name : (mo-)mengé, (Eviya language)
Reference VB 17
Author(s) : Bekalo, I., M. Keengwe, E. Mathias, P. Mundy & al.
Title : ITDG and IIRR. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya.A field manual of traditional animal health care practice.Intermediate Technology Development Group and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Nairobi, Kenya, 226 p., (1996)
Symptoms : V(030)
Recipes : Vb(030), roots, decoction, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Masai)
Vernacular name : olemudongo (Masai)
Reference VM 08
Author(s) : Minja, M.M.J.
Title : Medicinal plants of veterinary importance collected from Mbeya. Progress report of the project on the medicinal plants of veterinary importance at ADRI, (1991) From reference: VB 10
Symptoms : V(043), V(068)
Recipes : V(043), barks, pounded + H2O, enema
V(068), stem's barks pounded + H2O, enema
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Mbeya district)
Vernacular name : isyongoti
Reference VM 10
Author(s) : Minja, M.M.J.
Title : Medicinal plants used in promotion of animal health in Tanzania. Animal Diseases Research Instit., Dep. Pharmacology/ Toxic., Dar Es Salaam. Métissages en santé animale de Madagascar à Haïti. Presses universitaires de Namur, 335 - 364, (1994)
Symptoms : V(008), V(004), V(068)
Recipes : V(004) cataplasm, crushed leaves + H2O
V(008), VO., enteritis?, infusion leaves
V(068) , VO., , decoction roots
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Mbeya district)
Vernacular name : isyongoti (Ndali)
Reference VM 11
Author(s) : Mkangare, M.M.J.
Title : Collection of Tanzanian medicinal plants for biological activity studies. Proceedings of the 7th Tanzania veterinary association scientific conference. Tanzania Veterinary Association, Vol. 7, 67- 78, (1989) De la référence VB 10
Symptoms : V(004), V(033), V(045), V(124)
Recipes : V(033), stem's barks, RNS..
V(004) + V(045), leaves, RNS.
V(124), stem's barks, RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Arusha, Kilimandjaro )
Vernacular name : msesewe