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Official name : Rhoicissus digitata (L.f.) Gilg & M.Brandt
Family : Vitaceae

4 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HC 25
Author(s) : Corrigan, B.M. , B.-E. Van Wyk, C.J. Geldenhuys, J.M. Jardine
Title : Ethnobotanical plant uses in the KwaNibela Peninsula, St Lucia, South Africa South African Journal of Botany 77, 346–359 (2011)
Symptoms : H(201)
Recipes : H(201), the root of Rhoicissus digitata is boiled and mixed with other plants if someone wants a baby (to enhance fertility).
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa
Vernacular name : isiNwazi
Reference HD 40
Author(s) : de Wet, H.,S.C.Ngubane
Title : Traditional herbal remedies used by women in a rural community in northern Maputaland (South Africa) for the treatment of gynaecology and obstetric complaints South African Journal of Botany 94, 129–139 (2014)
Symptoms : H(026), H(027), H(033), H(101), H(116x)
Recipes : H(026) dysmenorrhoea and H(116) amenorrhoe, roots of Rhoicissus digitata Bridelia cathartica and Peltophorum africanum are chopped. Four handfuls of the mixed plant material are boiled in 5 L of water for 1 h in a pot with a lid on. Half a cup of the decoction is taken orally two to three times a day (depending on one's preference).
H(026) dysmenorrhoea and H(033) infertility.Two handfuls of chopped root material are boiled in 1 L of water for 30 min or in 2 L for 1 h, cool before straining. VO. Quarter of a cup (±82 mL) 3 X/ day,
H(026) dysmenorrhoea, H(101) menorrhagia, H(033) infertility, H(116x) oligomenorrhoea, H(027) premature birth and H(191) to cleanse the blood when pregnan. Roots of Bridelia cathartica, Rhoicissus digitata, Commiphora neglecta, Grewia occidentalis, Ochna natalitia, Garcinia livingstonei and Crotalaria monteiroi are chopped. A handful of mixed roots is boiled in five cups of water for 20 min, cool before straining. The residue can be dried for re-use. Half a cup of the decoction is taken orally twice a day after a meal
Region : South Africa
Country : northern Maputaland (South Africa)
Vernacular name : umshongi, ithendengulube (Zulu)
Reference HM 76
Author(s) : Maroyi, A.
Title : Diversity of use and local knowledge of wild and cultivated plants in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,13:43 (2017)
Symptoms : H(018)
Recipes : H(018) headache,, H(151) high blood pressure, , roots of Rhoicissus digitata, RNS.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Eastern Cape province)
Vernacular name : uchithibhunga (isi Xhosa)
Reference VH 15
Author(s) : Hutchings A., Lewis G. and Cunningham A
Title : Zulu Medicinal Plants: An Inventory (Paperback). University of Natal Press. Pietermeritzburg. (1996) From reference VD 17, HP 50, VM 18
Symptoms : V(000)
Recipes : Vb(000) cattle diseases, tubers of Rhoicissus digitata, RNS.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Zulu region)
Vernacular name : not registered