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Official name : Solanum americanum Mill.
Family : Solanaceae

6 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 55
Author(s) : Avigdor, E., H Wohlmuth, Z. Asfaw, T. Awas
Title : The current status of knowledge of herbal medicine and medicinal plants in Fiche, Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 10:38 (2014)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100) gonorrhoea, leaves of Solanum americanum eaten as a vegetable. Root chopped, infused and drunk
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia (City of Fiche, Oromia region)
Vernacular name : y’ayit Awut
Reference HG 60
Author(s) : Göhre, Á., B. Toto-Nienguesse, M. Futuro, C. Neinhuis & T. Lautenschläge
Title : Plants from disturbed savannah vegetation and their usage by Bakongo tribes in Uíge, Northern Angola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 12:42 (2016) DOI 10.1186/s13002-016-0116-9
Symptoms : H(095), H(104)
Recipes : H(104) abdominal pain, cold water extract of crushed leaves of Solanum americanum, VO.
H(095) food, cooked leaves eaten as a vegetable
Region : West Africa
Country : northern Angola
Vernacular name : lundumbo, ndumbo (Kikongo)
Reference HL 32
Author(s) : Lautenschläger, T., M. Monizi , M. Pedro, J. L. Mandombe, M. Futuro Bránquima, C. Heinze and C. Neinhuis
Title : First large-scale ethnobotanical survey in the province of Uíge, northern Angola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 14:51 (2018)
Symptoms : H(068), H(104)
Recipes : H(068) parasitic worms , fruit of Solanum americanum , chewing VO.
H(104) stomach pains, fruit, chewing VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (province de Uíge)
Vernacular name : non enregistré par les auteurs
Reference HN 42
Author(s) : Nicolas J.-P.
Title : Plantes médicinales du Nord de Madagascar. Ethnobotanique antakarana et informations scientifiques 296 p. (2012) Editions Jardins du monde 15, rue saint Michel - 29 190 Brasparts
Symptoms : H(014), H(095)
Recipes : H(014) ringworm, H(014) mycoses , spots of affected skin of Pityriasis versicolor, decoction of leaves of Solanum americanum of Emilia humifusa (siasia) first VO. , then poultice of pounded leaves This poultice of leaves can be rubbed directly on the skin that will be colored green.
H(095) food, leaves are consumed and used in the composition of romazava ( stew with bredes mafane)
Region : Madagascar
Country : North Madagascar
Vernacular name : agnamamy, agnatsindra (Antakarana) , anamafaitra, anamany, amelo (Malgache) , morelle noire (French) , black nightshade (English)
Reference HT 40
Author(s) : Tra Bi Fézan, H., G. M. Irié, K C.C. N’GAMAN & C.H.B. Mohou
Title : Études de quelques plantes thérapeutiques utilisées dans le traitement de l’hypertension artérielle et du diabète : deux maladies émergentes en Côte d’Ivoire Sciences & Nature Vol. 5 N°1 : 39 - 48 (2008)
Symptoms : H(091), H(108)
Recipes : H(091) anemia, H(108) sinusitis, ONS., RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast (Abidjan town)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference VK 44
Author(s) : Kayode, J., M. K. Olanipekun and P. O. Tedela
Title : Medicobotanical Studies in Relation to Veterinary Medicine in Ekiti State, Nigeria: Checklist of Botanicals used for the Treatment of Poultry Diseases Ethnobotanical Leaflets 13: 40-46. 2009. See also the reference VK 45
Symptoms : V(006), V(062), V(068), V(104)
Recipes : Vv(006) + Vv(104) gastrointestinal diseases, Vv(062) coccidiosis, Vv(068) helminthiasis, leaves, fruits of Solanum americanum, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Ekiti State)
Vernacular name : odu