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Official name : Sonchus asper (L.) Hill.
Family : Asteraceae

8 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference B6 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J.
Title : La pharmacopée marocaine traditionnelle: Médecine arabe ancienne et savoirs populaires. Ibis Press, 764 p. (1997)
Symptoms : H(007)
Recipes : H(007), salads, VO.
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : tilfâf, tifâf (Moroco), I-gerrîma (Tissint), wagerrin (Berber), tadgarnit (Occidental Sahara ), laiteron (local French)
Reference HA 20
Author(s) : Adjanohoun et al.
Title : Contribution to ethnobotanical and floristic studies in Uganda. O.U.A./C.S.T.R., Lagos (1993) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(155)
Recipes : H(155), leaves of Sonchus asper, to chew + salt
H(155), roots of Sonchus., to pound, infusion (H2O), VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HB 61
Author(s) : Bhat , RB.
Title : Medicinal plants and traditional practices of Xhosa people in the Transkei region of Eastern Cape, South Africa Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge. Vol. 13 (2), pp. 292-298, April 2014
Symptoms : H(104)
Recipes : H(104) chronic stomach ailment, decoction of leaves of Sonchus asper of 2 glass of H2O. To stand for 1 hour. VO
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Transkei)
Vernacular name : irhwabe (Xhosa), corky-bark, monkey-orange (English)
Reference HJ 06
Author(s) : Jeruto, P., C. Lukhoba, G. Ouma, D.Otieno, C. Mutai
Title : An ethnobotanical study of mericinal plants used by the Nandi people in Kenya. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 116, pp. 370 - 376, (2008) + Herbal treaments in Aldai and Kaptumo Division in Nandi District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 103-105 (2008)
Symptoms : H(037), H(155)
Recipes : H(037) cough, "mireiwek", H(155) tonsils, juice of buld of Sonchus asper, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Nandi peuple)
Vernacular name : chebara/chebartet
Reference HK 36a
Author(s) : Kareru, P. G., G. M. Kenji, A. N. Gachanja, J. M. Keriko, G. Mungai
Title : Traditional medicine among the Embu and Mbeere peoples of Kenya. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Volume 4 (1): 75 - 86 (2007)
Symptoms : H(139)
Recipes : H(139) impotence (erectile dysfunction), the whole plant of Sonchus asper, decoction, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Eastern Province, Embu and Mbeere tribes)
Vernacular name : iviuviu (Embu)
Reference HL 13
Author(s) : Lavergne, R. & R. Véra
Title : Etude ethnobotanique des plantes utilisées dans la pharmacopée traditionnelle à la Réunion. Médecine traditionnelle et pharmacopée. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 236 p., (1989)
Symptoms : H(002), H(007), H(013), H(135)
Recipes : H(002) galactogenic, green vegetable of Sonchus asper., infusion
H(007), H(135), ONS., bouillon
H(013) stomach ulcer, H(104), green vegetable, infusion
Region : Reunion
Country : Reunion
Vernacular name : brède lastron
Reference HM 76
Author(s) : Maroyi, A.
Title : Diversity of use and local knowledge of wild and cultivated plants in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,13:43 (2017)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) food, leaves of Sonchus asper, RNS.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Eastern Cape province)
Vernacular name : irwabe (isi Xhosa)
Reference VC 19
Author(s) : Chifundera K.
Title : Livestock diseases and the traditional medicine in the Bushi area, Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo. African Study Monographs, 19 (1) : 13 -33, May 1998
Symptoms : V(016)
Recipes : Vb(016) (cibeba, byufa, mpanga), ground leaves of Astripomoea grantii of Cryptolepis oblingifolia of Hypericum revolutum of Lactuca attenuata of Pteris similis of Sonchus asper, mixed with clay to make a paste for massaging the mammary glands, morning and evening
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Kivu province - Bushi area-
Vernacular name : munyamarha mukazi