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Official name : Sorghum caudatum Stapf var. colorans Snowden
Family : Poaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HK 21
Author(s) : Kayonga, A. & F. X. Habiyaremye
Title : Médecine traditionnelle et plantes médicinales rwandaises. Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques de la flore rwandaise.Préfecture de Gisenyi.Univ. Nat. Rwanda Centre universitaire de recherche sur la pharmacopée et la médecine traditionnelle, CURPHAMETRA, inédit, 121p., (1987)
Symptoms : H(126), H(127)
Recipes : H(126) or H(127), leaves Lantana trifolia , Vernonia lasiopus, Vernonia sp., Vernonia thomsoniana, fruit Sorghum caudatum, pounded + H2O, extract, VO.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda (Gisenyi district)
Vernacular name : amasaka
Reference VN 02
Author(s) : Nwude, N. & M.A. Ibrahim
Title : Plants used in traditional veterinary medical practice in Nigeria. Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics, Volume 3, 261 - 273, (1980)
Symptoms : V(006), V(037), V(070), V(104)
Recipes : Vc(006), Vo(006), Vc(037), Vo(070), Vc(104), Vo(104), fresh leaves in H2O, VO. or fresh leaves in fodder
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria
Vernacular name : karan dafi