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Official name : Sporobolus sp.
Family : Poaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference VC 19
Author(s) : Chifundera K.
Title : Livestock diseases and the traditional medicine in the Bushi area, Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo. African Study Monographs, 19 (1) : 13 -33, May 1998
Symptoms : V(001)
Recipes : Vb(001) the animal is blind (buhurha) ; infection of eyes (masu g'alaka), the whole plants or leaves of Ageratum conyzoides of Bothriocline ugandensis of Commelina diffusa of Dichrocephala integrifolia of Lantana trifolia of Spilanthes mauritiana of Sporobolus sp., to crush, packed up with a leaf of Ficus thonningii + H2O, drops in eyes
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Kivu province - Bushi area-
Vernacular name : bwikalabalume
Reference VF 05
Author(s) : Fison, T.
Title : Some ethnoveterinary information from South Sudan Undated document
Symptoms : V(078)
Recipes : Vb(078) horn cancer (kiec, kec, cec, guo, tuoth), make a cut into the horn, at the base for a cow and at the tip for a bull, mix tobacco with a grass called "tuot" (Sporobolus sp.), pound together, add cow urine, insert in the holes. (Nuer) (NB a traditional healer is called to perform this treatment)
Region : East Africa
Country : South-Soudan (Nuer zone)
Vernacular name : tuot