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Official name : Verbena rigida Spreng.
Family : Verbenaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HP 54
Author(s) : Phillips, E.P.
Title : A contribution to the flora of the Leribe Plateau and environs . Annals of the South African Museum16: 1–379 . (1917) From: The medical ethnobotany of Lesotho: a review. Bothalia 41,1: 209–228 (2011)
Symptoms : H(104), H(201)
Recipes : H(104) heartburn; H(104) colic, decoction from roots of Verbena rigida as a cure for heartburn; colic
H(201) charm to protect new villages
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Lesotho)
Vernacular name : morōli