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Official name : Strophanthus gratus (Wall. & Hook.) Baill.
Family : Apocynaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HB 06
Author(s) : Bouquet, A.
Title : Note sur la préparation du poison de flèches dans le nord Congo (Brazzaville), Journal d'agriculture tropicale et de botanique appliquée, vol. 14, n°8-9. pp. 359-362, (1967)
Symptoms : H(092)
Recipes : H(092) hunting poison, Strophanthus gratus and Parquetina nigrescens are always associated and sometimes with other plants like Rauvolfia vomitoria and Palisota schweinfurthii. The drugs used for these preparations are always used fresh. The stems are scraped with a knife so as to obtain fine chips themselves cut into small pieces of 2 to 3 cm long. The pieces are pressed to extract the juice.. As soon as it is collected, the poison is applied to the ends of the arrows with a piece of cloth attached to the end of a small stick, then dried over the embers of a hearth: it takes about five to six layers to get a sufficiently effective product.
H(093) in case of accidental injuries, The wound must be debrided, thoroughly bleeded, and plain salt applied, followed by a plaster of crushed peanuts or chewed Gnetum africanum leaves.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Popular republic) (Brazzaville) (ex Brazaville Congo)
Vernacular name : démoni
Reference HO 12
Author(s) : Okafor, J. & R. Ham
Title : Identification, utilisation et conservation des plantes médicinales dans le sud-est du Nigeria. Thèmes de la biodiversité africaine, Le Programme d'Appui à la Biodiversité, Numéro 3, Juillet 1999
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) barks of roots of Strophanthus gratus macerated in water for hot drinks (local gin).
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (South-East) (Central plain of Igbo)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors