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Official name : Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.
Family : Fabaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HK 61
Author(s) : Kibungu Kembelo A.O.
Title : Quelques plantes médicinales du Bas-Congo et leurs usages (198 p.),(2003)
Symptoms : H(013), H(099), H(113), H(178)
Recipes : H(013) skin eruptions,H(014) acute dermatitis (kiungu)), boil together in water and palm wine parts of the following plants : barks of trunk of Hallea stipulosa, Anchomanes difformis, Abrus precatorius and Vigna subterranea (leafy stems); to filter and drink ½ bamboo glass, 2 times per day.
H(099) epilepsy, decoction of the mixing of the following plants : leaves of Costus lucanusianus, of Costus phyllocephalus and leaves of Hymenocardia ulmoides, les leafy stems of Vigna subterranea, heart of banana tree and Commelina africana; Filter and add du traditional salt then drink 1 table spoon, 3 times per day.
H(113) joint pain, pound whole plants below : Garcinia huillensis (roots), Commelina africana, Ficus thonningii (barks of trunk), Cajanus cajan (leaves), sesame, seeds of Vigna subterranea and red peanuts, Croton mubango (barks) and Canarium schweinfurthii (green trunk barks); Mix with the oil of raw palm nuts and rub the body, 2 times per day.
H(178) heart disease, pound together with white clay, stems of ferns (Pteridium aquilinum), leaves of Solanum aethiopicum, pounded and boiled seeds of Vigna subterranea, onion and a little salt. Separate the mixture into two unequal parts : the smallest is soaked in some water, pressed and filtered to be taken , VO. with egg;The other hot portion is placed on the sheet of Sarcocephalus pobeguinii or of Aframomum alboviolaceum then placed on the heart together with strains of Melinis minutiflora. Take care of binding with a cloth this hot mixture around the chest at heart level. This medication is applied 1 time per day. Pour d’autres formes of maladies of coeur, voir d’autres médications y afférentes
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Bas-Congo Province)
Vernacular name : nguba nsamba, kinsamba (Kikongo)
Reference HM 53
Author(s) : Maliwichi-Nyirenda, C. P. & L. L. Maliwichi
Title : Medicinal plants used for contraception and pregnancy-related cases in Malawi: A case study of Mulanje Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 4(20), pp. 2121 - 2127, 18 October, 2010
Symptoms : H(112x)
Recipes : H(112x) seed of Vigna subterranean used as contraceptives, drink infusion of seedss of Vigna subterranean after delivery and dispose of remnant with placenta
H(112x) drink raw seeds with water
H(112x) swallow the seeds.
Region : South Africa
Country : Malawi (Mulanje District)
Vernacular name : nzama