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Official name : Veronica anagallis-aquatica L.
Family : Plantaginaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HD 22
Author(s) : De Beer, J.J.J., B.-E. Van Wyk
Title : An ethnobotanical survey of the Agter–Hantam, Northern Cape Province, South Africa South African Journal of Botany, Volume 77, 741–754, (2011)
Symptoms : H(078)
Recipes : H(078), make a tea from the leaves, to treat cancer
H(109); mix with Hyraceum dassiepis) to treat backache
H(137) wash painful legs and feet (RT, confirmed by EB).
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa, Agter–Hantam, Northern Cape Province
Vernacular name : waterboege (Hantam names)