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Official name : Aristolochia albida Duch.
Family : Aristolochiaceae

7 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HC 53
Author(s) : Conde, P., R. Figueira, S.. Saraiva, L. Catarino, M. Romeiras, M. C. Duarte
Title : The Botanic Mission to Mozambique (1942-1948): contributions to knowledge of the medicinal flora of Mozambique História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, v.21, n.2, abr.-jun. 2014.
Symptoms : H(020)
Recipes : H(020) snake bite (raiz pisada serve para combater a mordedura das cobras), tiered roots of Aristolochia albida crushed, RNS (Recipes collected from the Botanic Mission to Mozambique collectors’ field books (1942-1948))
Region : East Africa
Country : Mozambique
Vernacular name : nhongoeangone
Reference HK 88
Author(s) : Karou S. D., T. Tchacondo, M. A. Djikpo Tchibozo, S. Abdoul-Rahaman, K. Anani, K. Koudouvo, K. Batawila, A. Agbonon, J. Simpore & C. de Souza
Title : Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used in the management of diabetes mellitus and hypertension in the Central Region of Togo. Pharmaceutical Biology, 49:12, 1286-1297, (2011)
Symptoms : H(171)
Recipes : H(171) diabetes, roots and leaves of Aristolochia albida of Xeroderris stuhlmannii (syn: Ostryoderris stuhlmannii ) in decoction, VO.
H(171) diabetes, stem bark of Parkia biglobosa, whole plant of Ocimum gratissimum, roots of Aristolochia albida of Trichilia emetica in decoction, VO
Region : West Africa
Country : Togo (Central region)
Vernacular name : agadayo (Tem)
Reference HN 43
Author(s) : Ngarivhume, T. , C. van’t Klooster, J. T.V.M. de Jong, J. H. Van der Westhuizen
Title : Medicinal plants used by traditional healers for the treatment of malaria in the Chipinge district in Zimbabwe Journal of Ethnopharmacology 159, 224–237, (2015)
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051) paludism, hot infusion of tuber of Aristolochia albida, VO. (Mazundu and Chindedzwa village)
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe ( Chipinge district)
Vernacular name : ruzangariro (Shona)
Reference HR 57
Author(s) : Randrianarivony, T. N., A. V. Ramarosandratana , T.H. Andriamihajarivo, F. Rakotoarivony, V. H. Jeannoda, A. Randrianasolo and R. W. Bussmann
Title : The most used medicinal plants by communities in Mahaboboka, Amboronabo, Mikoboka, Southwestern, Madagascar Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 13:19 (2017) DOI 10.1186/s13002-017-0147-x
Symptoms : H(099), H(100), H(104), H(197)
Recipes : H(099) epilepsy in children, leaves of Aristolochia albida decoction, VO. and bathe
H(100) syphilitic wound, leaves decoction, VO.
H(100) syphilitic wound, roots powder mix with water and cataplasm in wound
H(104) colic, leaves decoction, VO. and bathe
H(197) late closing in baby's fontanel, roots Hot infusion drunk
Region : Madagascar
Country : Southwestern Madagascar
Vernacular name : totonga
Reference HT 37
Author(s) : Tchacondo, T., S. D. Karou, K. Batawila, A. Agban, K. Ouro-Bang’na, K. T. Anani, M.Gbeassor, C. de Souza
Title : Herbal remedies and their adverse effects in Tem tribe traditional medicine in Togo. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, 8(1):pp.45-60 (2011)
Symptoms : H(104)
Recipes : H(104) gastrointestinal disorders, roots powder of Nauclea latifolia, Aristolachia albida, Lophira lanceolata, Pseudocedrela kotschyi, VO., (could cause adverse effects as; diarrhoea, palpitation)
H(104) gastrointestinal disorders, powder of roots of Nauclea latifolia of Aristolochia albida, powder of stem bark of Khaya senegalensis, VO., (could cause adverse effects as; diarrhoea, polyuria)
H(104) gastrointestinal disorders, roots powder of Nauclea latifolia, Strychnos spinosa, Aristolochia albida, VO., (could cause adverse effects as; diarrhoea)
Region : West Africa
Country : Togo
Vernacular name : acadeyo (Tem)
Reference HU 01
Author(s) : Udoamaka F.Ezuruike n, J.M.Prieto
Title : The use of plants in the traditional management of diabetes in Nigeria: Pharmacological and toxicological considerations Journal of Ethnopharmacology 155, 857–924 (2014)
Symptoms : H(171)
Recipes : H(171) diabetes, leaves, stem, roots, rhizome of Aristolochia albida, infusion, decoction , RNS. Region of use for diabetes (South east of Nigeria) (North east of Nigeria), (North west of Nigeria)
Other medicinal uses:anti-parasitic, anti-venom, analgesic, inflammation, skin infections, anti-spasmodic, aphrodisiac, SIDA, ONS. RNS
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria
Vernacular name : duuman duutse (Hausa), paranfunfun (Yoruba), dutchmans pipe, hill gourd (Local English)
Reference HU 02
Author(s) : Urso, V., M. A. Signorini, M. Tonini , P. Bruschi
Title : Wild medicinal and food plants used by communities living in Mopane woodlands of southern Angola: Results of an ethnobotanical field investigation Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 177, 126–139, (2016)
Symptoms : H(000), H(007), H(038), H(051), H(104), H(112)
Recipes : H(000) general malaise, H(007) depurative for intestine and H(051) paludism, and H(112) abortive, belowground organs, H(008) diarrhea, barks, H(051) fever, belowground organs, leaves, H(104) stomachache in children and H(038) urinary tract inflammations, belowground organs of Aristolochia albida , RNS
(Total number of citations for Aristolochia albida = 57)
Region : West Africa
Country : southern Angola
Vernacular name : kwanana, onjilo