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Official name : Erythrina humeana Spreng.
Family : Fabaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HC 25
Author(s) : Corrigan, B.M. , B.-E. Van Wyk, C.J. Geldenhuys, J.M. Jardine
Title : Ethnobotanical plant uses in the KwaNibela Peninsula, St Lucia, South Africa South African Journal of Botany 77, 346–359 (2011)
Symptoms : H(201)
Recipes : H(201) a cutting of Erythrina humeana is planted in the garden to ward off evil spirits.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa
Vernacular name : umSinsana
Reference HD 40
Author(s) : de Wet, H.,S.C.Ngubane
Title : Traditional herbal remedies used by women in a rural community in northern Maputaland (South Africa) for the treatment of gynaecology and obstetric complaints South African Journal of Botany 94, 129–139 (2014)
Symptoms : H(026), H(101)
Recipes : H(026) dysmenorrhoea and H(033) infertility. Chopped roots of Bridelia cathartica, Tabernaemontana elegans, Erythrinia humeana, Ochna natalitia and Searsia nebulosa. Two handfuls of these mixed roots are boiled in 2.5 L of water for 2 h, strain and let cool. One cup of the decoction is taken orally 3 X/ day
H(026) dysmenorrhoea and H(033) infertility, chopped roots of Bridelia cathartica, Erythrina humeana, Acalypha villicaulis, Searsia nebulosa, stem of Hyphaene coriacea or roots of Ozoroa engleri. Two handfuls of above mixed plant material are boiled in 1 L of water for 30 min, cool before straining. One cup of the decoction is taken thrice a day.
H(101) menorrhagia, ahandful of chopped roots is mixed with the same amount of Ochna natalitia leaves and boiled in one and a half cup of water for ± 30 min and cool. Half a glass of the decoction is taken two to three times a day
H(027) to prevent miscarriage as soon as a person knows she is pregnant. Chop two handfuls of root and boil it in 1 L of water for 20 min, strain the cool decoction and dilute with 4 L of water. Use the 5 L dilution for an enema every three days
Region : South Africa
Country : northern Maputaland (South Africa)
Vernacular name : umsinsi (Zulu)