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Official name : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.
Family : Malvaceae

8 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HD 38
Author(s) : Daruty, C. (Dr)
Title : Plantes Médicinales de l'Ile Maurice et des Pays Intertropicaux (p. 215) General Steam Printing Company, 6, rue du Gouvernement - Maurice (1886)
Symptoms : H(007), H(037), H(101), H(193)
Recipes : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis used for the treatment of : H(007) diuretic, H(037) cough, H(101) menorrhagia, H(193) emollient
Region : Mauritius
Country : Mauritius
Vernacular name : foulsapate (Creole), sirmékalli (Tamoul)
Reference HE 13
Author(s) : Egharevba, R.K.A., M.I. Ikhatua
Title : Ethno- Medical Uses of Plants in the Treatment of Various Skin Diseases in Ovia North East, Edo State, Nigeria Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, 4 (1): 58-64 (2008)
Symptoms : H(013)
Recipes : H(013) ) apply paste of flower buds of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis to boils
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Ovia North East, Edo State)
Vernacular name : garden hibiscus (English), oriigun (Yoruba), kekeke (Yoruba), flava (Ibo)
Reference HJ 08
Author(s) : Jiofack, T., l. Ayissi, C. Fokunang, N. Guedje and V. Kemeuze
Title : Ethnobotany and phytomedicine of the upper Nyong valley forest in Cameroon African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 3(4). pp. 144-150, April, 2009
Symptoms : H(022)
Recipes : H(022) dystocia, leaves of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, RNS.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon (upper Nyong valley forest)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HK 62
Author(s) : Kayode, J. & M. A. Omotoyinbo
Title : Ethnobotanical Utilisation and Conservation of Chewing Sticks. Plants Species in Ekiti State, Nigeria Research Journal of Botany 4(1) : 1-9, 2009
Symptoms : H(103x), H(037)
Recipes : H(103x) dental hygiene, chewing a stem of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Other effects:H(037) cough
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Ekiti State)
Vernacular name : hibisicosi
Reference HL 13
Author(s) : Lavergne, R. & R. Véra
Title : Etude ethnobotanique des plantes utilisées dans la pharmacopée traditionnelle à la Réunion. Médecine traditionnelle et pharmacopée. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 236 p., (1989)
Symptoms : H(003), H(013), H(037), H(051), H(113), H(118)
Recipes : H(003) strains, sprain, leaves crushed of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis + salt, local application
H(013) abscess, H(013) boil, leaves crushed of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis with sugar, poultice
H(037) cough, H(118) angina, H(051) fever, infusion of flowers or of leaves + honey
H(113) kidneys pains decoction of leaves in bath
Region : Reunion
Country : Reunion
Vernacular name : hibiscus, foulsapat
Reference HN 28
Author(s) : Nnomo, R.D. , I.R. Tchouamo & J.Y. Pinta
Title : Apiphytothérapie à base du miel au Cameroun Ethnopharmacologia, n° 44, (december 2009)
Symptoms : H(037), H(118)
Recipes : H(037) chronic cough, H(118) angina, pick 30 flowers de Catharanthus roseus of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis et 1 handful of leaves of Conyza sumatrensis, infusion in a mixture of honey and water. Strain and drink 1 teaspoon 3 x / day
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HN 44
Author(s) : Ngene J-P., C. C Ngoule ., C-M. Pouka Kidik, P. B. Mvogo Ottou , R. C. Ndjib, S.D. DIbong, E. Mpondo Mpondo
Title : Importance dans la pharmacopée traditionnelle des plantes à flavonoïdes vendues dans les marchés de Douala est (Cameroun) Journal of Applied Biosciences 88:8194– 8210 (2015)
Symptoms : H(022), H(104)
Recipes : H(022) facilitates childbirth, H(104) colic, leaves, flowers of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, decoction, VO.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon (markets of Douala)
Vernacular name : Hibiscus
Reference HS 47
Author(s) : Samoisy, A. K., M. Fawzi Mahomoodally
Title : Ethnopharmacological analysis of medicinal plants used against non-communicable diseases in Rodrigues Island, Indian Ocean Journal of Ethnopharmacology 173, 20–38 (2015)
Symptoms : H(050), H(113)
Recipes : H(113) inflammation, crush 2–3 leaves of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and soak in 1 L of H2O, VO. 1 cup once
H(050) bloating, infusion of 1–2 flowers in 1 L of H2O, VO. 1 cup when needed
Region : Mauritius
Country : Rodrigues Island (Mauritius)
Vernacular name : foulsapate (Rodrigues Creole), chinese hibiscus (English)