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Official name : Mitragyna macrophylla (DC.) Hiern
Family : Rubiaceae

3 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 25
Author(s) : Akendengue B. & A.M. Louis
Title : Medicinal plants used by the Masango people in Gabon. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 41, pp. 193- 200, (1994)
Symptoms : H(037), H(108)
Recipes : H(037), H(108), the bark macerate is drunk against cold and chest pains
Region : West Africa
Country : Gabon
Vernacular name : tôbu
Reference HL 29
Author(s) : Lestrade, A
Title : La médecine indigène au Ruanda et Lexique des termes médicaux français - urunyarwanda Mémoire présenté à la séance du 20 décembre 1954. de l'Académie Royale des Sciences Coloniales de Belgique
Symptoms : H(004)
Recipes : H(004) wound: crush, heat Mitragyna macrophylla (umuzibaziba) in a container.. Apply heat to clean the wound ; then extend fresh leaves on the wound
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : umuzibaziba (Kinyarwanda)
Reference HW 01
Author(s) : Walker, R.
Title : Usages pharmaceutiques des plantes spontanées du Gabon. Bull. Inst. Etudes centrafricaines, n° 4, 5, 6, (1953) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(026), H(033)
Recipes : H(026), barks stem, branch, trunk of Croton oligandrus of Mitragyna macrophylla, roots of Dorstenia klainei, center of the banana tree, decoction (H2O), enema
H(033) femal, barks stem, branch, trunk of Mitragyna macrophylla of Coula edulis of Isolona le-testui of Barteria fistulosa, leaves of Alchornea cordifolia, to scrape, to macerate (H2O), enema
Region : West Africa
Country : Gabon
Vernacular name : not registered