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Official name : Anisophyllea boehmii Engl.
Family : Anisophylleaceae
Synonyms : Anisophyllea pomifera Engl. & Brehmer

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HB 69
Author(s) : Mbuyi Kalonji S., Kalunga Muya R., Kalonda Mutombo E., Cimanga Cioto C.B., Numbi Wa Ilunga E., Kahumba Byanga J., Lumbu Simbi J.-B.
Title : Aperçu ethnobotanique de plantes réputées antipaludéennes utilisées dans la ville de Lubumbashi et ses environs, dans le Haut-Katanga en RD Congo. Ethnopharmacologia, n°61, juin 2019
Symptoms : H(051), H(201)
Recipes : H(051) paludism, H(201) mental disorders, decoction of bark stems, roots and leaves Anisophyllea pomifera, VO. 1 glass in the morning and evening during 5 days and make an enema at least 2 times
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (city of Lubumbashi and its surroundings)
Vernacular name : not registered by the authors
Reference HS 51
Author(s) : Sobiecki, J.F.
Title : A review of plants used in divination in southern Africa and their psychoactive effects Southern African Humanities, Vol. 20 , Pages 333–351, December, 2008 Pietermaritzburg
Symptoms : H(201)
Recipes : H(201) ritual The bark of Anisophyllea boehmii is boiled and the leaves are made into a cold-water infusion that is taken orally together with other plants as a drinking medicine in the ihamba spirit exorcism ritual Ndembu: Zambia/Angola/Zaire
Region : Southern Africa
Country : South Africa
Vernacular name : mufungu (Ndembu: Zambia/Angola/Zaïre)