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Official name : Marantochloa congensis (K. Schum.) J. Léonard & Mullend.
Family : Marantaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HH 19
Author(s) : Hattori, S.
Title : Utilization of marantaceae plants by the Baka hunter- gatherers in South Eastern Cameroon African Study Monographs, Suppl. 33: 29-48, (May 2006)
Symptoms : H(018), H(203)
Recipes : H(018) headache, wear a cord of Marantochloa congensis on the forehead
H(203) material, mat, dust pan, carrying basket (f1), basket, cord….
H(203à split leaf stalks and scrape off the pith to weave small-sized utensils.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon
Vernacular name : mbili na te (Baka pygmy dialect)