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Official name : Vigna adenantha (G. Mey.) Maréchal, Mascherpa & Stainier
Family : Fabaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HM 68
Author(s) : Mchangama, M. et P. Salaün
Title : Recueil d’une pharmacopée à Mayotte: Le savoir sur les plantes médicinales de Maoulida Mchangama Langues, savoirs et pouvoirs dans l'océan Indien occidental
Symptoms : H(013)
Recipes : H(013) abscess or boil, dry seed of Cajanus cajan or seeds of Vigna adenanthae, soak the seed in water for 3 hours to soften it, then crush thetuber of to spread it on the boil and around, until disappearing (2 or 3 days).
Region : Mayotte
Country : Mayotte
Vernacular name : ankundri (Kibushi), haricot sec