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Official name : Cordia subcordata Lam.
Family : Boraginaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HM 68
Author(s) : Mchangama, M. et P. Salaün
Title : Recueil d’une pharmacopée à Mayotte: Le savoir sur les plantes médicinales de Maoulida Mchangama Langues, savoirs et pouvoirs dans l'océan Indien occidental
Symptoms : H(014)
Recipes : H(014) , any dermal reactions including mycoses (linked to a prohibition) ; allergy to products of the sea. On the stone of coral (the msindzano babwe), grate the bone of squid (pwedza langisi(Shimaore & Kibushi)) Apply to wounds until dry. If the wound suppurates, to grate the yellow leaves and branches of Cordia subcordata of Thespesia populneoides and Hibiscus tiliaceus. Apply the paste to the wounds in the morning. With the leaves yellow, burn them on the charcoal of nuts of coco, recover the ashes (atinidzofu) and mix them with coconut milk : then apply at bedtime.
Region : Mayotte
Country : Mayotte
Vernacular name : bwaru lahi (Kibushi), haro ndrume (Shimaore)