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Official name : Mascarenhasia lisianthiflora A. DC.
Family : Apocynaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HR 57
Author(s) : Randrianarivony, T. N., A. V. Ramarosandratana , T.H. Andriamihajarivo, F. Rakotoarivony, V. H. Jeannoda, A. Randrianasolo and R. W. Bussmann
Title : The most used medicinal plants by communities in Mahaboboka, Amboronabo, Mikoboka, Southwestern, Madagascar Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 13:19 (2017) DOI 10.1186/s13002-017-0147-x
Symptoms : H(000), H(027v), H(040), H(051), H(099), H(139)
Recipes : H(027v) prenatal care, leaves of Mascarenhasia lisianthiflora decoction, VO.
H(027v) prenatal care, roots powder mix with water and forehead mask
H(040) low back pain, leaves, leafy twigs decoction VO.
H(051) paludism, leaves decoction, VO.
H(051) fever , H(099) weakness, in children, leaves, decoction, VO.
H(197) late and early closing in baby's fontanel, leaves decoction, VO. and bathe
H(139) aphrodisiac, leafy twigsdecoction, VO.
H(197) late and early closing in baby's fontanel, powder mix with water and cataplasm in fontanel
H(000) infant's care, roots powder, application on hard palate
H(000) Infant's care, leaves decoction, VO.
Region : Madagascar
Country : Southwestern Madagascar
Vernacular name : kidroa