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Reference : HG 63

Author(s) : Guèye, M., D. Kenfack & P-M. Forget
Title : Importance socio-culturelle, potentialités économiques et thérapeutiques du Carapa (Meliaceae) au Sénégal. In: X. van der Burgt, J. van der Maesen & J.-M. Onana (eds). Systematics and conservation of African plants, pp. 357–366. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Reference HG 63 has information about 1 plants :
Carapa Aubl.
Official name : Carapa Aubl.
Family : Meliaceae
Symptoms : H(014), H(037), H(039), H(045), H(051), H(068), H(082), H(094), H(106), H(113), H(130x), H(171), H(198), H(201)
Recipes : H(014) dermatitis leaves or bark of Carapa Aubl., decoction and / or infusion then in bath and drink
H(014) mycosis, yeast infection, leaves applied locally
H(014) eczema, large folds, H(014) dermatitis, H(039) lice and other hair parasites, H(045) cicatrizing, H(106) mosquito repellent, insect repellant and insecticide, H(113) anti-inflammatory, H(198) hair loss, oil applied locally
H(037) bronchitis, H(082) asthma, syrup (tablespoon morning and evening during the attack; for the child 1 teaspoon and massage)
H(051) fever, massage and syrup
H(068) intestinal worms, syrup (tablespoon morning and evening for 2 to 3 days; for children 1 teaspoonful)
H(094) hemorrhoids local application and secondarily as a tablespoonful drink morning and evening for 2 to 3 days and for children 1 teaspoonful
H(113) rheumatism, H(130x) Parkinson's disease, root decoction and / or infusion then in drink
H(113) rheumatism, oil massage
H(171) diabetes, decoction and / or infusion of leaves; maceration and / or infusion then drink of bark
H(201) evil spirits, bewitchment, lotion
Region : West Africa
Country : Senegal
Vernacular name : touloucouno (Mandingue), mu kiremu (Diolas), mu losssore à Tionck Essyl)