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Reference : VG 03

Author(s) : Gerhadt, K. & M. Steiner
Title : An inventory of a costal forest in Kenya at Gedi National Monument. Including a checklist and a nature trial. Report of a minor field study. Swedish university of agricultural sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, (1986)
Reference VG 03 has information about 1 plants :
Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch
Official name : Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch
Family : Apocynaceae
Synonyms : Adenium obesum (Forssk.) Roemer & Schultes var. multiflorum
Symptoms : V(000)
Recipes : Vv(000), ONS., RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya
Vernacular name : kaluni, igandaiyu, koliya ( Pokot), obbe (Boran), mwadiga (Giriama), mwadiga, wanja, mdagu (Swahili), elemu, egeles (Turkana), salik (Masai), gachan gol, sarba, arba (Somali)