Armand Hutereau as an ethnomusicologist

Object type: musical instrument > cordophones > zithers > board zither
Materials: bark
Legend: Zithers of many types can be found in Africa and many early colonialists paid special attention to them. A drawing of this type of zither with its typical tuning pegs can also be found in the notes of H.M. Stanley.
Place of collecting: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Province Orientale > Aruwimi & Uele > Uele
Culture: Zande
Acquisition related person: Armand Joseph Oscar Hutereau (°1875 - †1914) as donor
Date of acquisition: 1912-02-02
Dimensions: 74,8 cm x 23,6 cm x 17,1 cm
Inventory number: MO.0.0.5287