The sculptures of Jane Tercafs (1898-1944)

Title: The sculptures of Jane Tercafs (1898-1944)
Producer: Jane Tercafs (°1898 - †1944)
Object type: statue
Materials: rocks > granite
Theme: portrait
Legend: This sculpture representing "Nito, a Mayogo woman" also exists in bronze (HO.0.1.484). When Jane Tercafs was staying in the north-eastern part of what is now the DRC, in the interbellum period, paintings on paper of Congolese artists were already being exhibited in Europe. Congolese artists of the period depicted the European contexts that they encountered. Jane Tercafs was asked to do a survey on local art and crafts by the Commission for the Protection of Native Art of the Congo, an association that was concerned about the influences on native after contact with Westerners.
Date of acquisition: 1946-12-23
Dimensions: 51 cm x 35,8 cm x 35 cm
Technique: sculpt > sculpt - carve
Inventory number: HO.0.1.457