The work of the painter Léon Dardenne

Title: The work of the painter Léon Dardenne
Producer: Léon Louis Auguste Edouard Dardenne (°1865 - †1912)
Theme: flora
Legend: One of the aspects of Léon Dardenne's mission was to represent as accurately as possible the flora and fauna of the regions crossed by the scientific expedition to Katanga. His plates have been brought together in a single album (HO.0.1.1079), which are still appreciated by modern-day scientists. The album also contains botanical and zoological plates painted by Louis Questiaux (1869-1945) who had been taken on as a sort of prospector by the Katanga mission after the death of geologist De Windt and prospector Caisley.
Date of acquisition: 1965-01-10
Dimensions: 42 cm x 31 cm (album)
Technique: graphic arts > mixed technique > pencil - aquarelle
Inventory number: HO.0.1.1079-40