The sketchbooks of the explorers

Title: The sketchbooks of the explorers
Producer: Georges Gilson
Theme: village sceneries, hut
Legend: Georges Gilson mainly painted aquarelles of the villages of Uele. His colleagues in Africa and Brussels regarded him as an artist. Some extracts from correspondence tell us more about this subject. The Englishman, Hugh Channer, who had settled in Meridi, presented him with a humoristic drawing and said "A thousand pardons - I do not aspire to the art of your pencil " (H. Channer to G. Gilson, Meridi, 29-4-1906, RMCA, Gilson archives). Charles Lemaire encouraged him to pursue his ethnographic researches (CH. Lemaire to G. Gilson, Brussels, rue Royale 142, 23-10-1905, RMCA, Gilson archives). Apparently, Gilson collected ethnographic objects which he gave to Herbert Lang (American Museum of Natural History).
Inscription: George
Dimensions: 9 cm x 14 cm
Technique: graphic arts > painting > aquarelle
Inventory number: HO.0.1.1900