Town and architecture in Congo, 1885-1940

Theme: railway, city life, city, buildings, street furniture
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Katanga > Elisabethville
Legend: The station in Lubumbashi, formerly Elisabethville, closes the perspective of the Avenue Royale. The Art Deco building was constructed in the late 1920s, in a style that is typical of the public buildings in Katanga of the period. The station formed a ‘gate’ to the city for everyone who travelled to Congo from the south or the east via the railways that respectively departed from Cape Town, South Africa or Beira in Mozambique.
Acquisition related person: Colonial Office as donor
Date of acquisition: 1941-02-18
Original legend: Gare du chemin de fer à Elisabethville.
Inventory number: AP.0.1.520