Town and architecture in Congo, 1885-1940

Theme: land transport, building/building site, buildings, colonial administration, transport
Photographer: Edmond Leplae (°1868 - †1941)
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Katanga > Elisabethville
Legend: It is well-known that buildings were often prefabricated in the early period of Belgian colonisation. In Katanga, building components did generally not originate from the motherland, but were imported via the railway from what was then Rhodesia or even South Africa. This photo depicts the logistical operation required by such a prefab construction. It is a reminder of the crucial role the Congolese played in this context.
Acquisition related person: Colonial Office as donor
Date of acquisition: 1941-02-22
Original legend: Transport d'un panneau de la maison des passagers.
Inventory number: AP.0.1.1819