Town and architecture in Congo, 1885-1940

Theme: trade/industry, city, buildings, colonial administration
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Bas-Congo > Boma
Legend: In 1912, the well-known architect Adolphe Puissant designed this office of the Banque du Congo Belge in Boma. Contemporary sources describe it as "le plus bel édifice de tout le Congo". This project was to herald a new era in which good taste would help enrich purely utilitarian construction. The building poignantly illustrates how the architecture of the first public buildings in the colony still followed the typology of the colonial bungalow.
Acquisition related person: Colonial Office as donor
Date of acquisition: 1941-02-28
Original legend: Banque du C.B.
Inventory number: AP.0.1.1845