Town and architecture in Congo, 1885-1940

Theme: clothing/ornament, object, city life, building/building site, buildings, colonial administration, portrait
Place of production: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Bas-Congo
Legend: This photograph depicts a group of Congolese youngsters, trowel in hand, posing in front of a two-storey brick house. As Tumba had a major missionary post, they probably are apprentice bricklayers of a missionary (the figure on the right). Congolese craftsmen were essential for the development of a missionary post and their work was often also a major source of income. What strikes us today, however, is the sometimes extremely young age of the bricklayers.
Acquisition related person: Colonial Office as donor
Date of acquisition: 1941-02-07
Original legend: Maçons
Inventory number: AP.0.1.2159