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(Kunth) Baehni

Familia: Sapotaceae
Species name according to: Candollea 9: 398-399. 1942.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Lucuma campechiana Kunth; Lucuma glabrifolia Pittier; Lucuma heyderi Standl.; Lucuma inseparabilis Dubard; Lucuma laeteviridis Pittier; Lucuma nervosa A. DC.; Lucuma palmeri Fernald; Lucuma rivicoa var. angustifolia Miq.; Lucuma salicifolium Kunth; Lucuma sphaerocarpa A. DC.; Pouteria campechiana var. nervosa (A. DC.) Baehni; Pouteria campechiana var. palmeri (Fernald) Baehni; Pouteria campechiana var. salicifolia (Kunth) Baehni; Pouteria glabrifolia (Pittier) Cronquist; Pouteria laeteviridis (Pittier) Lundell; Pouteria mante Lundell; Radlkoferella glabrifolia (Pittier) Aubrév.; Radlkoferella inseparabilis Pierre; Radlkoferella sphaerocarpa (A. DC.) Pierre; Richardella campechiana (Kunth) Pierre; Richardella nervosa (A. DC.) Pierre; Richardella salicifolia (Kunth) Pierre; Sideroxylon campestre Brandegee; Vitellaria campechiana (Kunth) Engl.; Vitellaria nervosa (A. DC.) Radlk.; Vitellaria salicifolia (Kunth) Engl.; Vitellaria sphaerocarpa (A. DC.) Radlk.; Vitellaria tenuifolia Engl.; Xantolis palmeri (Fernald) Baehni;
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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Canistel Coster (1993)
Eggfruit Coster (1993)
Sapote Yellow Coster (1993)
Tiesa Coster (1993)
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