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(Jacq.) H.E. Moore & Stearn

Familia: Sapotaceae
Species name according to: Taxon 16(5): 383. 1967.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Achradelpha mammosa (L.) O.F. Cook; Achras mammosa L.; Achras zapota major Jacq.; Achras zapota L.; Bassia jussiaei Tussac; Calocarpum huastecanum Gilly; Calocarpum mammosum (L.) Pierre; Calocarpum mammosum var. bonplandii (Kunth) Pierre; Calocarpum mammosum var. candollei (Pierre) Pierre; Calocarpum mammosum var. ovoideum (Pierre) Pierre; Calocarpum sapota (Jacq.) Merr.; Calospermum mammosum (L.) Pierre; Calospermum mammosum var. bonplandii (Kunth) Pierre; Calospermum mammosum var. candollei Pierre; Calospermum mammosum var. ovoidea Pierre; Lucuma bonplandii Kunth; Lucuma mammosa (L.) C.F. Gaertn.; Pouteria mammosa (L.) Cronquist; Sapota mammosa Miller; Sideroxylon sapota Jacq.; Sideroxylum sapota Jacq.; Vitellaria mammosa (L.) Radlk.;
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Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Chico Mamey Coster (1993)
Ciko Mama Coster (1993)
Sapote Coster (1993)
Sapote Mamey Coster (1993)
Sapotier Coster (1993)
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