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(Cav.) Exell

Familia: Malpighiaceae
Species name according to: Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Sao Tome 123-124. 1944.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Banisteria leona Cav.; Banisteria magnoliaefolia Desv. ex Ham.; Banisteria multiflora DC.; Banisteria reticulata (Poir.) C.B. Rob.; Byrsonima reticulata (Poir.) DC.; Byrsonima reticulata Klotzsch; Heteropterys africana A. Juss.; Heteropterys africana fo. nigritiana Nied.; Heteropterys africana var. australis Nied.; Heteropterys africana var. borealis Nied.; Heteropterys multiflora (DC.) Hochr.; Heteropterys reticulata (Poir.) Nied.; Malpighia reticulata Poir.;