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(Jacq.) Sarg.

Familia: Ulmaceae
Other familia: Celtidaceae
Species name according to: The Silva of North America 7: 64. 1895.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Celtis aculeata Sw.; Celtis aculeatus Sw.; Celtis bonplandiana Planch.; Celtis glycycarpa Mart. ex Miq.; Celtis sellowiana Miq.; Celtis spinosa Spreng.; Celtis tala var. gaudichaudiana Planch.; Celtis triflora (Klotzsch) Miq.; Celtis williamsii Rusby; Mertensia laevigata Kunth in H.B.K.; Rhamnus iguanaea Jacq.;
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