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(Sw.) Griseb.

Familia: Lauraceae
Species name according to: Flora of the British West Indian Islands 281. 1860.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Laurus coriacea Sw.; Damburneya maritima Raf.; Gymnobalanus catesbyanus (Michx.) Nees; Laurus catesbyana Michx.; Nectandra anonyma Steud.; Nectandra boniato A. Rich.; Nectandra catesbyana (Michx.) Sarg.; Nectandra cigua A. Rich.; Nectandra neesii D. Dietr.; Nectandra willdenoviana var. latifolia Meisn.; Nectandra willdenoviana var. obliterata Meisn.; Ocotea catesbyana (Michx.) Sarg.; Ocotea coriacea (Sw.) Britton; Ocotea lundellii Standl.; Oreodaphne coriacea (Sw.) Nees;
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