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(Nees) Palacky

Familia: Lauraceae
Species name according to: Catalogus Plantarum Madagascariensium 2: 9. 1907.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Oreodaphne cymosa Nees; Agathophyllum cymosum Blume ex Meissner; Agathophyllum lindleyanum Blume; Agathophyllum tapak Palacky; Laurus coccineus Boj. ex Meissner; Laurus cupularis Lindl. ex C.F.W. Meissn.; Laurus cymosa Willd. ex Nees; Laurus madagascariensis Jussieu ex Baillon; Mespilodaphne cymosa (Nees) Meisn.; Mespilodaphne lindleyana Meisn.; Mespilodaphne tapak (Baill.) Danguy; Ocotea lindleyana Palacky; Persea cupularis (Lam.) Spreng.; Ravensara tapak Baill.;
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