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Henry Morton Stanley : correspondence.

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  • 476.

    Letter [copy] from David Livingstone to [?] , "there is no opening for you in this Expedition" , London , 21-01-1858

  • 477.

    Letter from David Livingstone to [?] , "I have been subjected to so much loss by the employment of slaves in caravans sent by HM Consul [John Kirk] that if Mr. Stanley meets another party of the sort I beg him to turn them back but use his discretion (…)" , Unyanyembe , 14-03-1872

  • 478.

    Letter from David Livingstone to HMS , asking him to return some stores taken by "the incorrigible Bombay", on his resolve to continue working on the problem of the Nile sources, "tell them at home that we are theoretical discoverers of the outlet of Tanganyika" , Kwihara , 16-03-1872

    Note: Enclosed list of goods to be sent from Zanzibar; and postscript instructing the return of his Journal to his daughter Agnes via John Murray

  • 479.

    Letter from David Livingstone to HMS , thanking him for his services and the men he sent ("with one exception the party has worked like a machine"), describing his discovery of the relation of the Chambeze and Luapula Rivers and Lake Bangweolo, his opinion on the late Cazembe, his disapproval , Lake Bangweolo, South Central Africa , [1873?]

  • 480.

    Letter from John MacGregor to David Livingstone , telling him Stanley "will be highly delighted if you will allow him to have a few minutes of conversation with you" , Suez , 16-11-1868

  • 481.

    Two letters from David Livingstone to James Gordon Bennett , apparently two (incomplete) versions with Livingstone's view on the slave trade , Unyanyembe, South East Africa , 09-04-1872