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Didier Van den Spiegel

Biological collection and data management
  • Golovatch, S. & Vandenspiegel, D. 2022. ‘Carinobolus gen. nov. and Costabolus gen. nov., two new, remarkably crested,monospecific genera of spirobolidan millipedes from West Africa, with the proposalof a new tribe, Amblybolini tribus nova (Diplopoda, Spirobolida, Pachybolidae)’. Zootaxa 5150: 97-110. ISSN: ISSN 1175-5326; ISSN 1175-5334. URL:  (PR).
  • Vandenspiegel, D. & Ntashavu, D. 2022. ‘First Records of the Millipede Genus Eviulisoma (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae) from Burundi, with Descriptions of Two New Species’. Journal of East African Natural History 111: 19-26. ISSN: ISSN 0012-8317.  (PR).
  • Vandenspiegel, D.,  Golovatch, S.I. & Rutherford, M. 2022. ‘The millipede genus Pandirodesmus Silvestri, 1932 in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, with the description of P. jaggernauthi sp. nov. from Trinidad (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Chelodesmidae, Pandirodesmini)’. Zootaxa 5104 (4): 567-576. ISSN: 1175-5326 ; 1175-5334. DOI: URL:   I.F. 1.091.
  • Vandenspiegel, D.Henrard, A. & Mathys, A. 2021. ‘Sechelleptus arborivagus sp. nov., a new arboreal spirostreptid millipede (Diplopoda, Spirostreptidae) endemic to Mayotte Island (Comoros Archipelago), Indian Ocean’. European Journal of Taxonomy 755: 1-21. ISSN: 2118-9773. URL:   I.F. 1.188.
  • Vieira, CH.,  De Ramon N’Yeurt, A.,  Rasoamanendrika, F.A.,  D’Hondt, S.,  Thi Tran, L-A.,  Vandenspiegel, D.,  Kawai , H. & De Clerck , O. 2021. ‘Marine macroalgal biodiversity of northern Madagascar: morpho-genetic systematics and implications of anthropic impacts for conservation’. Biodiversity and Conservation 1-46. DOI: 10.1007/s10531-021-02156-0. URL:  I.F. 2.903.
  • Evsyukov, A.,  Golovatch, S.I.,  Reip, H. & Vandenspiegel, D. 2020. ‘The millipede tribe Leptoiulini in the Caucasus, with notes on its generic classification (Diplopoda: Julida: Julidae)’. Zootaxa 4778 (2): 237-280.  (PR).
  • Vandenspiegel, D.,  Shelley , R.M. & Golovatch , S.I. 2020. ‘The millipede genus Globanus Attems, 1914, endemic to São Tomé and Príncipe, with the descriptionof a new species (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Spirostreptidae)’. Zookeys 930: 61-74. DOI: doi: 10.3897/zookeys.930.49236. URL:  (PR).
  • Adam, M.,  Theeten, F.Herpers, J.-M.,  Vandenberghe, T.,  Semal, P.,  Van den Spiegel, D. & Duchesne, P.-A. 2019. ‘DaRWIN: An open source natural history collections data management system’. Biodiversity Next. Building a global infrastructure. Book of abstracts. Sofia : Pensoft. (PR) DOI:  DOI:10.3897/biss.3.39054.
  • Theeten, F.,  Adam, M.,  Vandenberghe, T.,  Dillen, M.,  Semal, P.,  Herpers, J-M.Van den Spiegel, D.Mergen, P.Smirnova, L.,  Engledow, H.,  Casino, A. & Gödderz, K. 2019. ‘NaturalHeritage: Bridging Belgian natural history collections’. Biodiversity Next. Building a global infrastructure. Book of abstracts. Sofia : Pensoft. (PR) DOI: DOI: 10.3897/biss.3.37854.
  • Golovatch, S.I.,  Nzoko Fiemapong, A.R. & Vandenspiegel, D. 2019. ‘Trichopolydesmidae from Cameroon, 2: A species-level reclassification of Afrotropical trichopolydesmids (Diplopoda, Polydesmida), with two new species and two new records from Cameroon, and two new species from the Nimba Mountains, Guinea’. Zookeys 891: 31–59. DOI: doi: 10.3897/zookeys.891.46986 . URL:  I.F. 1.143.