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Florias Mees

Earth Sciences
Surface environments and collection management

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  • Steeman, T.,  De Weirdt, J.,  Smith, T.,  De Putter, T.Mees, F. & Louwye, S. 2020. ‘Dinoflagellate cyst biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the early Paleogene Landana reference section, Cabinda Province, Angola’. Palynology 44: 280-309.  (PR).
  • Pérez-Garcia, A.,  Mees, F. & Smith, T. 2020. ‘Shell anatomy of the African Paleocene bothremydid turtle Taphrosphys congolensis and systematic implications within Taphrosphyini’. Historical Biology 32: 376-385.  (PR).
  • Mees, F. 2020. Collections of the RMCA - Minerals. Tervuren : Royal Museum for Central Africa. 141 p. (PR)
  • De Cort, G.,  Mees, F.,  Renaut, R.W.,  Sinnesael, M.,  Van der Meeren, T.,  Goderis, S.,  Keppens, E.,  Mbuthia, A. & Verschuren, D. 2019. ‘Late-Holocene sedimentation and sodium carbonate deposition in hypersaline, alkaline lake Nasikie Engida, southern Kenya Rift Valley’. Journal of Paleolimnology 62: 279-300.  (PR).
  • Mees, F.,  Adriaens, R.,  Delgado-Huertas, A.,  Delvaux, D.Lahogue, P.,  Mpiana, C. & Tack, L. 2019. ‘Palygorskite-bearing fissure fills in the Kinshasa area, DR Congo – an exceptional mode of palygorskite vein development’. South African Journal of Geology 122: 173-186.  (PR).
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  • Van Ranst, E.,  Mees, F.,  De Grave, E.,  Ye, L.,  Cornelis, J.T. & Delvaux, B. 2019. ‘Impact of andosolization on pedogenic Fe oxides in ferrallitic soils’. Geoderma 347: 244-251.  (PR).
  • Taverne, L.,  De Putter, T.Mees, F. & Smith, T. 2019. ‘Cabindachanos dartevellei gen. and sp. nov., a new chanid fish (Ostariophysi, Gonorynchiformes) from the marine Paleocene of Cabinda (Central Africa)’. Geologica Belgica 22: 1-6.  (PR).
  • Van Ranst, E.,  Mees, F.,  Dumon, M.,  Ye, L.,  Delvaux, B. & Doube, M. 2019. ‘Andosolization of ferrallitic soils in the Bambouto Mountains, West Cameroon’. Geoderma 340: 81-93.  (PR).
  • Utami, S.R.,  Mees, F.,  Dumon, M.,  Qafuko, N.P. & Van Ranst, E. 2019. ‘Charge fingerprint in relation to mineralogical composition of Quaternary volcanic ash along a climatic gradient on Java Island, Indonesia’. Catena 172: 547-557.  (PR).