The international network on Landslide Early Warning Systems

The primary purpose of LandAware is to share experiences, needs and innovations among experts of landslide early warning systems (LEWS) and to develop and promote guidelines and best practices for upcoming LEWS.

  • exchanging experiences, innovations and best practices in the development and operation of LEWS;
  • promoting staff training and supporting stakeholders responsible for landslide emergency response and risk management;
  • fostering cooperation between members through collaborative studies on specific cases and benchmarking of LEWS worldwide;
  • enhancing the communication and awareness about landslide risk to all the categories of stakeholders;
  • organizing scientific gatherings and dissemination initiatives;
  • producing common standards and terminology, guidelines, recommendations, opinion papers and white papers;
  • creating and maintaining online platforms as authoritative sources of information on LEWS;
  • liaising with other relevant organizations that share similar objectives
The specific actions of LandAware are carried out by working groups.

Investigateur principal:


2020 2023


Partenaires externes:

• Manfred Stähli (WSL – Switzerland)
• Dalia Kirschbaum (NASA – USA)
• Ben Mirus (U.S. Geological Survey – USA)
• + ~15 other international collaborators