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Benoît Smets

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11 projets
  • Geo-hydrological Hazards triggered by rain in Tropical Africa: a demonstrator for Rwanda to document the effects of Climate Change
    Début: 2023
    Fin: 2025
  • Geomorphic hazards and compound events in a changing tropical East Africa
    Début: 2022
    Fin: 2025
  • GeohazarDs in AfricaN CitiEs: patterns, rates and sustainability in urban sprawling contexts
    Début: 2020
    Fin: 2030
  • Open-Vent Volcano Remote Sensing Monitoring using Spaceborne Imagery
    Début: 2019
    Fin: 2021
  • Natural HAzards, RISks and Society in Africa: developing knowledge and capacities
    Début: 2019
    Fin: 2024
  • Utilisation des photos aériennes historiques et des archives pour l'évaluation des changements environnementaux en Afrique centrale
    Début: 2017
    Fin: 2022
  • MUlti Zone phase Unwrapping using advanced Split Band Interferometry
    Début: 2016
    Fin: 2018
  • Vi-X Project – Study and monitoring of Virunga volcanoes using TanDEM-X
    Début: 2012
    Fin: 2014
  • NYALHA Project – Dynamics of volcanic activity and lava flow hazard of Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes (North Kivu, DRC) studied by means of remote sensing, ground-based monitoring and numerical modelling
    Début: 2012
    Fin: 2015
  • GORISK extension: Reconstruction of historical eruptive activity of Nyamulagira and Nyiragongo volcanoes, DR Congo, and volcanic hazard assessment
    Début: 2009
    Fin: 2011