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Familia: Betulaceae
Species name according to: Tentamen Florae Germanicae 1: 405. 1788.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Betula verrucosa Ehrhart; Betula platyphylloides V. Vassil.; Betula procurva subsp. lipskyi (V. Vassil.) Ovcz.; Betula pseudopendula V. Vassil.; Betula talassica Poljakov; Betula verrucosa Ehrh.; Betula aetnensis Rafin.; Betula gummifera Bertol.; Betula lobulata Kanitz; Betula oxycoviensis Besser;
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Abedul spanish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Abedul común spanish http://www.zonaverde.net/
Abedul de plata spanish wiki
Adi hus turkish wiki
Almindelig Birk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Arbre de sagesse french Europe Boeijink (1992)
arukask estonian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Barancio italian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bedoll catalan http://www.zonaverde.net/
Betulla bianca italian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Betulla verrucosa italian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bidollo italian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bidueira galician http://www.zonaverde.net/
Bidueiro galician http://www.zonaverde.net/
Birch english http://www.liberherbarum.com
Birk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Birke german http://www.liberherbarum.com
Björk swedish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bois à balais french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Boulard french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Bouleau à verrues french http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bouleau blanc french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Bouleau commun french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Bouleau odorant french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Bouleau pendant french http://www.liberherbarum.com
Bouleau pleureur french Europe Boeijink (1992)
Bouleau verruqueux french Europe Boeijink (1992)
bríza belokorá czech wiki
brzoza polish http://www.liberherbarum.com
brzoza brodawkowata polish http://www.liberherbarum.com
brzoza zwisla polish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Common Birch english Europe Boeijink (1992)
Downy Birch english http://www.liberherbarum.com
Dun-Birk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
European Birch english Europe Boeijink (1992)
European White Birch english http://www.liberherbarum.com
Gemeine Birke german Boeijink (1992)
Glasbjörk swedish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Hængebirk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Haengebirke german Coster (1993)
Hänge-Birke german Boeijink (1992)
Harz-Birke german Boeijink (1992)
Hengebjørk norwegian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Hengibjörk icelandic http://www.liberherbarum.com
Hieskoivu finnish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Hvidbirk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Karpotasis beržas lithuanian wiki
Közönséges nyír hungarian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Moor-Birke german http://www.liberherbarum.com
navadna breza slovenian http://www.liberherbarum.com
Rauduskoivu finnish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Rugrenet birk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Ruwe Berk dutch Boeijink (1992)
Sand-Birke german Boeijink (1992)
Silver Birch english Europe Boeijink (1992)
Skógviður icelandic http://www.liberherbarum.com
Trauer-Birke german wiki
Tunturikoivu finnish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Urki basque http://www.zonaverde.net/
Vårtbjörk swedish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Vido galician http://www.zonaverde.net/
Vorte-Birk danish http://www.liberherbarum.com
Vörtubirki icelandic http://www.liberherbarum.com
Warzen-Birke german Boeijink (1992)
Weeping Birch english Europe Boeijink (1992)
Weiss-Birke german Boeijink (1992)
White Birch english Europe Boeijink (1992)
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