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(L.) Urb.

Familia: Rosaceae
Species name according to: Symbolae Antillarum 5: 93. 1904.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Celastrus myrtifolius L.; Prunus sphaerocarpa Sw.;
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
almendrito spanish Dominican Republic http://www.wdt.qc.ca
almendro spanish Venezuela http://www.wdt.qc.ca
Amandelhout dutch Coster (1993)
amendrillo spanish Cuba, Puerto Rico http://www.wdt.qc.ca
ants-wood english http://www.wdt.qc.ca
armandier à petites feuilles french Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
armandier des bois french Martinique http://www.wdt.qc.ca
cassada-wood english Jamaica http://www.wdt.qc.ca
cerisier à petites feuilles french http://www.wdt.qc.ca
cherry-laurel english Bahamas, USA http://www.wdt.qc.ca
cuajaní hembra spanish http://www.wdt.qc.ca
cuajanincillo spanish Cuba http://www.wdt.qc.ca
duraznero de monte portuguese Brazil http://www.wdt.qc.ca
Kakosiritokon Coster (1993)
Kawatoer Coster (1993)
la mandit french Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
lamandi creole, french based Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
lamandye ti féy creole, french based Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
laurelcherry english http://www.wdt.qc.ca
laurier-cerise french http://www.wdt.qc.ca
le mongier french http://www.wdt.qc.ca
mandit french http://www.wdt.qc.ca
mangiye creole, french based Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
marmelo bravo portuguese Brazil http://www.wdt.qc.ca
marmelo do matto portuguese Brazil http://www.wdt.qc.ca
membrillito spanish http://www.wdt.qc.ca
membrillo spanish http://www.wdt.qc.ca
mongier french Haiti http://www.wdt.qc.ca
myrtle cherry english http://www.wdt.qc.ca
myrtle laurelcherry english Bahamas http://www.wdt.qc.ca
noyau french Guadeloupe http://www.wdt.qc.ca
palo de hacha spanish Dominican Republic http://www.wdt.qc.ca
prunier à feuilles de laurier french http://www.wdt.qc.ca
virarú portuguese Brazil http://www.wdt.qc.ca
Walimiaballi Coster (1993)
West Indian cherry english http://www.wdt.qc.ca
West Indian laurel-cherry english Bahamas http://www.wdt.qc.ca
West Indies cherry english http://www.wdt.qc.ca
wild cassada english Jamaica http://www.wdt.qc.ca
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