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(Spreng.) Lanj. & Rossberg

Familia: Moraceae
Species name according to: Recueil des Travaux Botaniques Néerlandais 33: 717. 1936.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Acanthinophyllum ilicifolia (Spreng.) W.C. Burger; Acanthinophyllum spruceana (Lanj.) W.C. Burger; Acanthinophyllum strepitans Allemao; Aliteria sagotii Benoist; Clarisia ilicifolia var. cuyunensis (Lanj.) Lanj. & Rossberg; Clarisia ilicifolia var. guianensis (Lanj.) Lanj. & Rossberg; Clarisia ilicifolia var. micrantha (Lanj.) Lanj. & Rossberg; Clarisia ilicifolia var. paraensis (Lanj.) Lanj. & Rossberg; Clarisia spruceana Lanj.; Clarisia strepitans (Allemao) Lanj.; Clarisia strepitans var. cuyunensis Lanj.; Clarisia strepitans var. guianensis Lanj.; Clarisia strepitans var. micrantha Lanj.; Clarisia strepitans var. paraensis Lanj.; Excoecaria ilicifolia Spreng.; Pseudosorocea poeppigii Baill.; Sahagunia racemifera Huber; Sahagunia strepitans (Allemao) Benth. & Hook.; Sorocea stenophylla Standl.;
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