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Familia: Loganiaceae
Other familia: Buddlejaceae
Species name according to: Nouvelles archives du muséum d'histoire naturelle, sér. 2, 10: 65. 1887.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Buddleja davidii var. alba Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Buddleja davidii var. glabrescens Gagnep.; Buddleja davidii var. magnifica (E. H. Wilson) Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Buddleja davidii var. nanhoensis (Chittenden) Rehder; Buddleja davidii var. superba (Veitch) Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Buddleja davidii var. veitchiana (Veitch) Rehder & L. H. Bailey; Buddleja davidii var. wilsonii Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Buddleja shaanxiensis Z. Y. Zhang; Buddleja shimidzuana Nakai; Buddleja striata var. zhouquensis Z. Y. Zhang; Buddleja striata Z.Y. Zhang; Buddleja variabilis Hemsl.; Buddleja variabilis var. magnifica E. H. Wilson; Buddleja variabilis var. nanhoensis Chittenden; Buddleja variabilis var. prostrata C.K. Schneid.; Buddleja variabilis var. superba Veitch; Buddleja variabilis var. veitchiana Veitch; Buddleja variabilis var. wilsonii E. H. Wilson;
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