Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

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Familia: Lecythidaceae
Species name according to: Publications of the Field Columbian Museum, Botanical Series 4(8): 239. 1929.
Accepted standard name: Couratari guianensis Aubl.
View taxon: SN3404
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Bourrac Coster (1993)
Brakka ingie Pipa Coster (1993)
Caouroubara Coster (1993)
Djoemoe Coster (1993)
Ipipjo Coster (1993)
Kabba Matjauw Djoemoe Coster (1993)
Kalienja Tamere Coster (1993)
Kariodon Coster (1993)
Kiesiepolloe joelle Malledie Coster (1993)
Maho cigarre trade name http://www.tools-portal.com/de/werkstoffe/holz_inhalt.asp
Mari Mori Coster (1993)
Oelemali Coster (1993)
Olemallie Coster (1993)
Olemellie Coster (1993)
Oremerivadili Coster (1993)
Powassa Djemoe Coster (1993)
Sipoeloejoeroe Maladi Coster (1993)
Towekin oremariri Coster (1993)
Wadala Coster (1993)
Wadara trade name http://www.tools-portal.com/de/werkstoffe/holz_inhalt.asp
Wata Dje Coster (1993)
Wataala Coster (1993)
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