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(Hassk.) Merr.

Familia: Fabaceae
Subfamilia: Papilionoideae
Species name according to: Philippine Journal of Science 5(2): 113. 1910.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Corallodendron lithospermum (Blume ex Miq.) Kuntze; Erythrina holoserica Kurz; Erythrina lithosperma Blume ex Miq.; Erythrina lithosperma Miq.; Erythrina lithosperma var. armata Miq.; Erythrina lithosperma var. inermis Miq.; Erythrina mysorensis Gamble; Erythrina secundiflora Hassk.; Erythrina sumatrana Miq.; Hypaphorus subumbrans Hassk.; Hypaphorus subumbrans var. aculeata Hassk.; Hypaphorus subumbrans var. inermis Hassk.;
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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
anii Philippines http://www.cabicompendium.org
cengkering Malaysia http://www.cabicompendium.org
dadap Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
dadap Papua New Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
dadap english http://www.cabicompendium.org
dadap lesang Nusa Tenggara Indonesia http://www.cabicompendium.org
dad-dap Philippines http://www.cabicompendium.org
December tree english http://www.cabicompendium.org
dedap batik Malaysia http://www.cabicompendium.org
Dedap Duri Coster (1993)
erabudu Sri Lanka http://www.cabicompendium.org
eramudu Sri Lanka http://www.cabicompendium.org
Kani Coster (1993)
muruinja Sri Lanka http://www.cabicompendium.org
Rada Coster (1993)
rarang Philippines http://www.cabicompendium.org
Thong Laang Coster (1993)
Thong Laang Paa Coster (1993)
Thong Meet Khuut Coster (1993)
ye katit Myanmar http://www.cabicompendium.org
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