Establishment and maintenance of fruit production areas free and under low Prevalence of fruit fly pests in Southern Africa (project preparation)
The PPG will bring together the different stakeholders to assess the development of Pest Free Areas (PFA) and Areas of Low Pest Prevalence (ALPP), to evaluate the current situation and knowledge/expertise on the topic, to define the shortcomings, and to consider the feasibility of the establishment of PFAs and ALPPs. These include the different research groups and experts who will provide the technical information, the government bodies who will implement the actions proposed, and the grower associations who will benefit from such an establishment. The main output of this PPG is a comprehensive project proposal to establish pest free and low pest prevalence areas in selected parts of of South Africa and Mozambique with regard to invasive and indigenous fruit fly pests in tropical, subtropical and temperate horticultural commodities.

Investigateur principal:


2017 2018


Partenaires externes:

D. Cugala, E. Mondlane University Mozambique
J.H. Venter, DAFF, South Africa
A. Manrakhan, CRI, South Africa
P. Addison, Stellenbosch University, South Africa