Voetbal en racisme

Beloy Beloy, Nadège Bibo-Tansia, Stijn van Bever

Moderator: Jeroen Scheerder


Until 6 March 2022, the AfricaMuseum is hosting the exhibition Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions. The age of colonial exhibitions. The exhibition pays special attention to contemporary racism in Belgian society. This MuseumTalk adresses racism and football. Why is racism such a problem in (Belgian) football? What steps has the Pro League taken to combat racism? With which insights can a new generation of football players and fans start working for a racism-free sport?

On Wednesday 9 February 2022 at 7.30pm, professor Jeroen Scheerder (KULeuven) will address these questions together with Beloy Beloy, author and ex-soccer player, Nadège Bibo-Tansia, actress in the series 'Panna' about girls playing football, and Stijn van Bever, spokesman of the Pro League.

As part of the exhibition Human Zoo. The age of colonial exhibitions, the AfricaMuseum presents a series of discussions on the exhibition, (de)colonisation and (anti)racism.

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7:30 p.m.
about 2 hours
in Dutch

Free but registration is mandatory.