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5 archives found for 'Aberdare, Lord'
  • 5942.

    Autograph journals (24 x 19,5) of Dorothy Tennant, containing daily accounts of her life, written in the form of letters to her deceased father, Volume XIX (20-10-1891 to 11-10-1895)

    With letters from Edward S. Holden to Dorothy Tennant, Lick Observatory, University of California, Mount Hamilton, 12-10-1891; [?] to HMS and Dorothy Tennant, New South Wales, 22-11-1891; George Grey to Dorothy Tennant, Parnell, 04-01-1892 [telegr.]; George Grey to Dorothy Tennant, Parnell, 05-01-1892; Dorothy Tennant to William Gladstone, Neath, South Wales, 04-10-1892 [copy]; William Gladstone to Dorothy Tennant, Chester, 07-10-1892 [with env.]; Dorothy Tennant to [?], Wanganui, [1892]; Lord Aberdare to Dorothy Tennant, Duffryn, Mountain Ash, South Wales, 10-01-1893; Thomas Henry Huxley to Dorothy Tennant, Eastbourne, 03-02-1893 [with env.]; Lord Aberdare to Dorothy Tennant, London, 11-02-1893; Alfred C. Lyall to Dorothy Tennant, London, 14-04-1893 [with env.]; Arthur Balfour to Dorothy Tennant, London, 21-03-1895 [telegr.]; Joseph Chamberlain to Dorothy Tennant, London, 21-03-1895; Baron Alphonse de Courcel to Dorothy Tennant, Ambassade de France, à Londres, 21-03-1895; Lord Roberts to Dorothy Tennant, Kingsbury, Middlesex, 21-03-1895; Margot Asquith to Dorothy Tennant, London, 22-03-1895; Sir Henry Doulton to Dorothy Tennant, London, 23-03-1895; Alfred C. Lyall to Dorothy Tennant, s.l., s.d. [fragm.]; George Grey to HMS, Parnell, 05-01-1891; William Gilbert to HMS, Moonee Ponds, 13-11-1891; William Mackinnon to HMS, Auckland, 04-01-1892 [telegr.]; Lord Acton to Gertrude Tennant, The Athenæum, London, 21-03-1895; press cuttings relating to Stanley's addresses, Uganda, etc.; lecture flyers, invitations, etc.
  • 3173.

    Lord Aberdare, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, 21-10-1884
  • 3201.

    Lord Aberdare, Duffryn, Mountain Ash (South Wales), 12-12-1884
  • 3270.

    Lord Aberdare, Duffryn, Mountain Ash (South Wales), 18-10-1886
  • 3542.

    Lord Aberdare, Athenæum Club, London, 02-05-1890